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Starbucks India Trans Ad

    Starbucks is paving the way with yet another touching ad that tells a story of love and acceptance. “It Starts With Arpita” is a bold move for the US company that’s making headway in one of the world’s most lucrative markets.

    While homosexuality is no longer illegal in the sub-continent, trans people are far from equal in Indian society. Cultural norms have historically ostracised eunuchs and trans individuals are often seen as an abomination to be shunned by society.

    This Starbucks ad is a landmark commercial due to its powerful message of acceptance and inclusivity towards transgender youth in India. The ad addresses the significant issue of discrimination and social stigma faced by transgender individuals in India. By focusing on Arpita’s family, the ad highlights the importance of embracing diversity within families. The commercial showcases the positive impact of embracing family members as their true selves and provides hope for the transgender community in the country.