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Build brand awareness among LGBT consumers

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Higher returns on targeted ads

Whether you manage a popular brand that needs to re-connect with gay and lesbian consumers or you sell specifically to the LGBTQ+ market, programmatic advertising is a powerful tool to deliver a targeted message effectively.

£4.8 billion are spent by gay consumers in the UK online each year. Expanding that to purchasing power both offline and online, the pink pound is estimated to be worth £81 billion in the UK alone and $641 billion in the USA.

Messaging that resonates with your LGBT customers

Gay audiences typically have a higher disposable income – £34,200 per annum versus the national average of £24,800 per annum – and spend over £2,000 per annum online.

Tapping into this market requires creativityinnovation and a certain sensitivity to the audience’s minds and hearts.

Yet achieving this without knowledge and experience of the LGBT community is difficult, and dabbling in the market could lead to a PR disaster.

You need the help of experts, with inside knowledge and marketing expertise. This is where we step in… We have worked closely with lesbian and gay consumers and businesses. In fact, some of us have been dealing with them since the day we were born!

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LGBT Media

ROI-driven media buying and strategic planning across all online channels and formats. Effective, targeted advertising campaigns.


Data-led ad buying on popular gay and mainstream sites. Reach the right people with intelligent automation.

LGBT Creative

Smart, sleek and sexy ideas. Thinking outside the box to deliver memorable, highly effective messaging your audience will love.

Can programmatic target LGBT people?

With specialised options for interests, keywords, demographics, and remarketing, programmatic empowers you to reach more LGBTQ+ customers, and place your brand in front of them with a personalised message. Our OUT network is the first and largest LGBTQ+ audience that allows brands to reach this demographic with privacy-first, GDPR-compliant marketing. 

Reach LGBTQ+ audiences on the OUT network