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“When Harry Met Santa” – Gay Christmas Ad by Posten

    The Norwegian postal service, Posten, celebrated the 50th anniversary of Norway decriminalising homosexuality with a heart-warming ad titled “When Harry Met Santa”.

    The video shows a man meeting Santa fleetingly each Christmas over a number of years. They slowly become friends, but the man is lonely every Christmas as Santa’s busy schedule only allows for fleeting encounters. This year, Santa finally enrols Norway’s Posten to help with deliveries, allowing him to spend time together, and to end up kissing the man he’s evidently fallen in love with.

    Unsurprisingly, the ad has its share of detractors – over 25% of votes in the first week on the original video were ‘dislikes’. The overall response from the press and viewers is largely positive, though. Kudos to the marketing team at Posten have taken a stance for inclusivity and stuck by their message of love, and support for the decision.