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Doritos Israel Ad with LGBT Families

    Doritos released a heart-warming commercial celebrating Family Day in Israel, featuring a variety of families, including gay and lesbian couples with kids.

    The ad was posted recently on Doritos’ Hebrew-language social media accounts ahead of Family Day, or Yom HaMishpacha. The holiday used to be celebrated as Mother’s Day in Israel, but has grown to honour all parents raising a family.

    The ad, which is voiced completely in Hebrew, says:

    “Family is not something one chooses. But there are some families that do choose to be families. There are families created by complex reality. Some people have remained alone in this reality. There are families that travelled to the other side of the world on the path to becoming a family. There are many families, and they are all special, and even if it takes courage to dare make these choices, all families deserve to be families.”

    Unsurprisingly, Doritos is facing boycott calls from some conservative religious Israeli Jews.