IKEA Gay Ad – A Festa

During Christmas 2011, IKEA ran their first ever Portuguese commercial featuring a gay couple.

The spot shows a married gay couple cooking with their parents.
The two boys speak in front of the camera, explaining that neither parent thought that his companion would be perfect for their child.
One of the two guys says, “My mother would have preferred that I had been married to a doctor.”

Every thought is then dissipated at the time of preparation of the table when everyone gathers to eat Christmas dinner.


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My father thinks that he can’t cook or dress
in an appropriate way.

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My mother would have preferred that I had
married a doctor.

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But they love coming over.

00:08 –> 00:13
The best thing is that in this family there’s
room for everyone.

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Happiness comes from inside of your home.

00:17 –> 00:19
Live more your home.