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Althea – Amatriciana Gay Ad

    Althea, an Italian sauces company, recently broadcast a gay campaign for their new range of sauces on Italian TV.

    Althea’s campaign is based on 5 short love stories and these videos are only their “happy end”. In fact the campaign also includes images displayed on Facebook that tell us the stories.

    We will show you only two of these five ads, as these are gay ads.
    You will find also the complete story, with images, on our Facebook Page:

    Moreover, it is interesting to notice that these ads are causing controversy in Italy, due to the fact that they portray gay and lesbian couples. The videos have been shown on Italian TV only after 11pm.

    Here we bring you one of the 2 complete stories, where the gay couple is involved: “L’Amore è uguale.” (The love is the same.) — Amatriciana.