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The Pecs Factor – Do You Have It?

Show off those sexy pecs – if you’ve got a beautifully sculpted chest then here’s your chance to flaunt it!3 Simple Steps To Show You Got The Pecs Factor:
  1. Take awesome pics / videos – remember to flex!
  2. Upload them to your favourite social network
  3. Share your upload via Twitter, Facebook or Google+ using a public post with the hashtag #PecsFactor and tag us on there…
Facebook Shout out to @Pink.Advertising
Twitter @GayAdAgency to ensure we see your tweet
Google+ Mention +BestGayAd in your post and we’ll get notified
Come back here to see whose chest is the best

#PecsFactor Leaderboard

  • chesty
  • patrick
  • rhett
  • danny
  • musclman
  • rich
  • pleaser
  • topherdimaggioo
  • fizzarcher

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