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LGBT Ads Drive 30% Higher Purchase Intent

14 Nov 2017

An LGBTQ Ad Format Effectiveness Study by the social media company, Hornet, in conjunction with Nielsen has found that gay men were 30% more likely to purchase from brands with LGBTQ-themed ads than brands with generic-themed ads.

The survey of 800 LGBTQ-identifying men between 18 and 54-years old explored the efficacy of LGBTQ-themed advertising on queer consumers. It compared the effectiveness of inclusive marketing strategies with generic ads from the same brands.

After seeing the ads, 17% of respondents were likely to purchase from the brands with LGBTQ-themed ads, whereas 13% of respondents were likely to purchase from brands with generic-themed ads. 16% percent of respondents said they’d recommend brands with LGBTQ-themed ads compared to 10% who viewed generic-themed ads.

Ad recall was also slightly higher for LGBTQ-themed ads, with 62% of those exposed to LGBTQ-themed ads correctly recalling the brands advertised, whereas only 58% of those exposed to generic-themed ads could do so. 

Brands that invested in lesbian and gay inclusive advertising were also perceived to be more “progressive”, “inclusive”, and “caring”.