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Being LGBT Inclusive Is Good for Business

30 Jun 2017

Nearly half of Americans and 64% of those who identify as LGBT allies say they are more likely to spend money with brands that are LGBT inclusive, according to a new survey from Ogilvy.

However, UK charity Stonewall cautions about ‘complacency’ around LGBT equality, as polling by YouGov, found that 16% of LGBT people and 41% of trans people have experienced a hate crime over the past 12 months, up 78% from 2013.

This June, companies have once again pushed their LGBTQ-themed marketing campaigns, much like we’ve seen in the last few years. Instagram, Equinox, McDonald’s, and Coca-Cola were just some of the brands that showed their pride.

Marketers should be careful, though. Creating LGBT-inclusive advertising needs to be more than just a diversity initiative. Consumers can recognise an inauthentic money-grab for the pink pound. Only the brands that consistently, and authentically show support will win in the long run.