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Hallmark Valentine’s Day Ad With Gay Couples: One Love, One Card

    One Love, One Card is the ad campaign by Hallmark for Valentine’s Day 2016. The ad features a gay family – gay dads and a child – a gay couple and a lesbian couple.

    The theme of the ad is about how you can tell someone what they mean to you. The couples in the ad find the right words via a card. Hallmark didn’t stop at the ad, though. They’ve also released short videos sharing the back story for all the couples, homoesexual and heterosexual, featured in the ad.

    This first video is the back story of Robin and Jason, portrayed as just a regular gay couple:

    Next, we have a further look into Robin and Jason’s lives, as they also share their experience of becoming parents:

    And finally, we have a lesbian couple, LaParis and Karisia