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Dove Men+Care “First Fatherhood Moments” Gay Dads Ad

    This new joyful ad from Dove is all about celebrating what it means to be a man and a dad. It’s made up of home videos of real men learning that they are about to become a father.

    Dove discovered throughout the campaign that about 82% of men believe that having a child changes the way they think about what it means to be a man. Hence the strapline: “Real strength means showing you care”.

    Brian Stephens, an openly gay father wrote an open letter for the project titled, “To My 20-Year Old Self”, in which he encourages his 20-year-old self to not have such a bleak outlook on the possibilty of fatherhood.

    He writes, “You will come to know that you can be who you were always meant to be and be a dad. You will discover that all you have to do — all you really ever had to do — is simply be yourself.”