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Converse – Proud To Be

    It’s 2023, and Converse have launched a new campaign that many will see as nothing more than Pridewashing. Their new range of LGBT and Pride-themed products, accompanied by an LGBT-first commercial has the right spirit. Hopefully it doesn’t just stop there. Converse – and other brands – must recognise that the LGBT community want more than just recognition during Pride month thinly veiling attempts to sell Pride merchandise.

    Two factors redeem Converse’s ad:

    1. The 2023 Pride Collection product line was designed by LGBTQIA+ employees and allies at Converse, and includes custom Chucks that can be designed by the buyer.
    2. Converse pledged and donated nearly $2.5M to local, national, and international organizations since they first launched their annual Pride campaign and collection in 2015.